Women Truckers

by TJ on April 25, 2008

Women Truckers

A few years ago, driving a truck might have been considered a man’s profession, but with more and more women trading the office or the home for the driver’s seat, that stereotype is on its way to meeting other career generalizations at the bottom of the waste basket.  

A 2006 Arkansas Times Record article tells the story of several female truck drivers who left abusive relationships or the stress of office working environment to travel the country as long haul truck drivers. The drivers said they enjoyed the freedom of the job and the scenery, while employers said that the interest from women is a relief as the demand for truck drivers grows.  

But even though the concept is becoming more legitimate, some female truck drivers still get strange looks from truck stop owners and questions from their friends. For this reason, the female trucking internet community is so important, and resources for female truckers are located throughout the net. The following are just five of these exclusive sights: 

  1. Ladytruckdrivers.com

This website offers a variety of professional resources for female truck drivers, including job opportunities for both drivers and mechanics, truck drivers schools, and links to related sites. On the personal side, the website offers dating websites for single truckers, recipes for the road, and link to a film about truck drivers.

  1. Womenintrucking.org

The Women in Trucking organization seeks to promote successful women in the trucking industry in addition to encouraging “the employment of women in the trucking industry.” The association is for both men and women, and the website provides articles, a calander of events, a message forum, as well as other helpful links for both men and women in or interested in getting involved in, the trucking industry.

  1. Layover.com

The popular professional and social website for truckers also has a section especially for women. Packed with resources, the site offers a woman driver’s guide, a women’s perspective on truck driving, and articles and columns. A job finder, submissions, and mapping and routing features are also available on the site.

  1. thetruckersplace.com

Another popular website for all truckers, this website also offers a page specifically for women in the industry. Consisting of women’s trucking history, and a list of special safety rules for women, the site offers a unique perspective for the ladies of the road.

  1. Monster.com

The well-known website Monster.com might not be the first you’d suspect to have a page dedicated to women truckers, but in the career advice section, women in trucking or considering trucking as a career can read about the industry. The article has quotes and stories from women who have succeeded in the industry. And for those women who are just looking to push the limit and break the gender boundaries, the website also features an advice page for women who seek to “break into nontraditional careers.” 

Whether they’re driving with their husbands or piloting big rigs on their own, women drivers are on the road. Though they might still feel a little isolated, more and more women are joining them, making the occupation more popular. These websites are just a few of the growing resources for women breaking into the industry.

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Mary Ann April 25, 2008 at 8:39 pm

Thanks for the article, Jim. I’d like to also encourage women to become truck drivers.

I drove during women’s lib and had a blast. I drove with a gal pal and needless to say, we were either labeled lesbians or hookers and neither label fit the bill. We were both divorcees and needed an income, plain and simple. When driving,we were truck drivers. Away from the truck, we were ladies. We expected our cigarettes to be lit as well as expected doors held open for us. We had a marvelous time whenever we were laid over. Dining and dancing became a lifestyle for us both and we were never without dates.

I left the industry to start the transit system in Southern California. She went on to raise both of her sons and own her own fleet of trucks out of Folsom, California. We both have some humorous stories to tell, too. If I had it to do over again, I certainly would and encourage other women to do the same just for the challenge.


Trucker Jim April 27, 2008 at 4:51 pm

Mary Ann Thanks for sharing your story, you are a fine example for Women breaking into the industry. Keep on trucking girls!

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