Used Semi Trailer Focuses on Reitnouer Flatbed Trailers

by TJ on February 25, 2011

Used Semi Trailer Focuses on Reitnouer Flatbed Trailers (hit this link for Reitnouer used semi trailers)

Reitnouer Inc. is one of the few trailer manufacturers which has flatbed trailers as its flagship product. Founded in 1982 by a very young, Bud Reitnouer (then only 24 years old), who brought youthful energy and unblinkered original thinking to the problem of semi trailer construction, he hit upon the use of an aluminum trailer assembled without the need for welding. The original concept involved the fact that aluminum is a ‘heat treated’ metal; applying more heat to the metal involves a fundamental weakening of the integrity of the metal and reduces its strength, especially at the important attachment points which were welded yet are required to be strong.

Reitnouer’s idea was to bolt the aluminum together to form a stronger bond rather than use re-heating.  This was the original premise behind Reitnouer trailers. The Reitnouer MaxMiser is able to handle a 90,000 pound load capacity, and 50,000 pounds of the capacity can be placed on a single four feet section of the trailer. The new bolting technique resulted in greater reliability and maintenance cycles were dramatically reduced saving the carrier ancillary overhead and increased operational uptime. Loads started to get larger and in 1992, Reitnouer came out with the Big Bubba, a 100,000 pound gross vehicle weight flatbed trailer.  Uniquely for the time, the Big Bubba could take a 60,000 pound load in a 4 foot section of the trailer, which was an amazing achievement at the time and completely unheard of.

In 2003, the company developed and launched the MaxLite model aimed at the trucking markets of the South and the West Coast, where the logistics infrastructure is more readily geared to handle 80,000 pound grow weight loads and a trailer which is rated to handle a 40,000 pound load on a four foot section. Spring 2007 brought the Bigger Bubba, probably the ultimate in large load flatbed trailers and capable of carrying 120,000 pound gross laden weight with a massive 72,000 pounds load on a four foot section with 85,000 pounds in a ten foot section.

At all times, Reitnouer has continued to carve a niche out of the trailer market for exceptional reliability and low maintenance burden. With more than 25 years of exceptional, industry leading designs and construction techniques, Reitnouer now leads the trailer manufacturing industry in the construction of flatbed and drop deck trailers.


Reitnouer, Inc.

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Reading PA 19612

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David Zemaitis March 22, 2012 at 6:57 pm

I enjoyed the 2004 20th anniversary edition, big bubba, it pulls as if it’s not even behind me and allowed me to haul loads that others had to pass up due to weight, I’m no longer able to drive, and would like your opinion as to the value of my trailer, many thanks, your content owner, Dave

TJ March 22, 2012 at 7:55 pm

What shape is it in Dave?

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