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by TJ on January 14, 2011


Strick Corporation has been around since 1937, which is one reason why you see so many used semi trailers on the roads and market today.  Frank Strick was an engineer, specifically a designer of aircraft who then applied his understanding of planes to the construction of trailers.  Strick launched the very first frameless, “monocoque” trailer – for its day, considered a revolutionary design.

Monocoque trailer design and the use of lightweight aluminum to substitute for steel meant that Strick was able to build larger, higher capacity trailers which also weighed less than traditional trailer designs.   The Strick design meant that truck loads increased and became much more efficient as more load could be carried by the same truck (less trailer weight meaning increased cargo weight carried).

During the 1950’s Strick led the market in containerization and intermodal logistics.  The very first cargo container for use in global commerce was designed by the company: the Stricktainer. Progress continued in the 1960’s when Strick came up with the design and construction for the Flexi-Van container for use on the New York Central Railroad.

The 1970’s saw continued innovative design with the Cabunder trailer which sought to maximize load efficiency by taking full advantage of the then existing weight legislation.  Armorplate was introduced in the 1980’s, which brought the first plate trailer to the trucking industry.

This pioneering spirit endures to this day, with excellence in design, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and experienced and expert staff producing the best dry van designs available on the market today.  No detail is too small for the design and production team: recent developments include integral aluminum scuff linings and more efficient electrical harnesses which are more robust.

Strick trailer offerings include:


Standard dimensions – 28’ to 57’, variable widths and drop frame trailer

Drop Frame Van Trailers

Pup Van Trailers

Curtainside Trailers

Convertor Dollies

Full Customization Options – including heavy duty structural reinforcement; customized front sheets, rear and side door and load accessorization options, lift gates and internal electrical options.  In addition roof, trailer running gear, trailer understructure and interiors are all customizable depending on the customer’s specific needs.

Strick sets stringent product performance standards internally (but which have played a leading part in the development of industry-0wide standards). Strick strives for zero defects and has established a Quality Control (QC) program which includes numerous and daily audits which encompass all aspects of trailer production and the finished product. Strick also provides a “Firm and Fixed” delivery commitment to every customer and to meet all of a customer’s needs in order fulfillment. Strick also imposes the same QC and audit standards on its suppliers to ensure that all materials used in construction meet the operational needs their semi trailers will encounter out on the road.

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