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by TJ on April 23, 2008

 Truck Wash Services

Like anything else, if you’re going to keep your truck running at its best, you need to keep it properly maintained, and part of proper maintenance is making sure the truck is washed regularly, but just because it has to be done doesn’t mean the truck wash is control of your vehicle.  

Damage at the truck wash is no laughing matter. According to one Fox 11 Rip-off Report, a series of Blue Beacon Truck Washes in Missouri led the pack for worst service, most damage, and worst behavior. According to the report, a Blue Beacon truck wash caused body damage by improperly using acid, and a second truck wash in the same chain reacted with slanderous language and even assault when approached about the incident.  

But this is not the only incident of truck wash’s taking advantage of a customer. Doing poor wash jobs, taking too long to wash a truck, and damaging the truck are three common worries of truck drivers who have their vehicles professionally washed. According to Land Line Magazine, some truck drivers become nervous that certain cleaning agents used by truck washes will damage the body and paint job of the truck. According to the magazine, talking with other truckers and sharing experience is the best way to make sure you choose a truck stop where your truck will be treated with non-damaging cleaning agents.  

Commercial truck washes’ tendencies to use too much pressure is another consideration truck drivers must deal with when deciding on a truck washing company, according to the magazine. Too much pressure can damage the truck’s exterior. Though truck washing is non-negotiable if you want to keep your truck running well and looking spiffy, choosing to wash your truck yourself has its advantages. It does not leave you at risk for the body damages mentioned above, and is generally less expensive. If you choose a commercial truck wash, however, and body damage does occur, make sure you take photographs of the damage and try to talk the matter over with the truck wash management. If they are unwilling to verify your claim, make sure a police report is files.  

But body damage is not the only way to loose money because of a truck wash. Every second you’re of the road is another second you’re loosing money, and if a truck wash is taking too long to wash your vehicle, you’re loosing out on cash. According to Lance Winslow’s E-Zine article, truck washing should only take a half an hour at the maximum. Twenty to twenty-five minutes is more the normal rate, according to Winslow, who says that the Little Sisters truck wash is the top choice for most drivers.  

Horror stories at the truck wash are all to common, and for truckers who are very wary about their vehicles, home truck washing might be the best option. Using a truck wash, however can still be safe and reliable if you ask around to make sure the wash you’re thinking about using uses safe products, has friendly staff, and does not take too long to was the truck.  

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