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by TJ on April 6, 2008

Whether you’re looking for a shiny new truck, or something from a used market, buying a semi-truck is no easy task. In fact, next to buying a house, purchasing your own semi is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make—and it’s nothing to take lightly. Luckily, with technology bringing us closer than ever, buyers and sellers can now connect in regions across the world, giving everyone in the industry the best chance of being suited with the best deal.

But even though the internet features photos of trucks for sale from Beijing to Timbuktu, some of the best values might be right under your nose. Whether you’re buying a semi-truck or antique patio furniture, probably the best way to get the most outstanding values is to buy privately—that is, find another person who’s selling what you’re buying. Because both parties don’t have to use the middleman—dealers, managers, corporations, etc.—the prices of goods sold privately tend to be lower.  

Finding someone selling a semi-truck privately used to be limited to looking in local newspaper classifieds, and you can imagine that the number of semi-trucks listed were very few, if any. Now, some of the world’s most popular websites—like Ebay and Craigslist—have special sections for vehicles, including semi-trucks. For instance, Ebay Motors features several semi listings. In addition to allowing you to search for semi’s in your own backyard (The site allows users to search via zip code or miles from a certain zip code.), classified sites like Ebay and Craigslist allow users to search listings from across the world.

In addition to searching popular classified sites, industry specific sites allow users to search databases filled with trucks listed by private sellers. These sites, like and, allow buyers to search trucks and trucking accessories by keyword, in addition to several advanced search options, depending on the site. Because these sites include only items related to the trucking industry, they are more efficient than popular classified sites, while still allowing buyers to get the deals offered by private sellers.

Though buying privately can shave hundreds and even thousands of dollars off a semi-truck’s sticker, the value isn’t available without risk. Because buying privately requires completing a sale transaction through a person, not a company, it is up to the buyer to do all research regarding the legal state of the vehicle, its condition, and all insurance needed to move it from point A to point B. If you find the product sitting in your driveway is not what you just shelled out thousands to purchase, about the only resource left to you is litigation, which costs both time and money. But for those who feel confident doing their own research, buying privately, especially with all the internet databases available, is one way to get some great deals.

But for those who aren’t risk takers, or those who prefer to deal with a company or want a brand new truck, buying through a dealer might be best. But thanks to the internet, doing research about your purchase has become even easier, putting the deal with the dealer in your hands. Many websites, like Kelly Blue Book, allow buyers to assess the real value of used and new vehicles, and manufacturer websites often give detailed descriptions and photos of their semi-trucks, so buyers can discern the difference between the features on the model they’re looking at and the model that comes straight from the manufacturer. Websites like allow researchers to search for different truck dealers by geographical location, and reviews dealerships in various locations.

So whether you’re going to take the plunge and buy privately, or you’re going to head to the nearest dealership, if you’re armed with research and the ability to be firm, buying a semi-truck doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

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Marc Hess April 14, 2008 at 5:32 pm

Very good article. I hear stories every week from customers who have been elsewhere in the country shopping for a truck and when they get there, the truck isn’t what they were told it was. In order for me to build my business, I have to be honest about my inventory. If I get a customer in town and I have mislead them in any way, all that would be is a complete waste of my time. Be honest with a customer and you will earn a repeat customer!!!

Bucket Trucks Sales December 21, 2010 at 2:37 pm

The key to saving money buying online is knowledge of the product. If you go into a person to person deal and know exactly what to look for, listen for, and feel for, you will drastically minimize the risk of a bad deal.

When it comes to Semi-Trucks though, I would suggest buying new or reconditioned because of the guarantee. You will be making money on this truck so, you want to be certain it is reliable and affordable. Not to mention the tax breaks you get for buying new…

Good read. Very informative

TJ December 21, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Great advise Bucket Truck Sales, what a pretty name!

Test Drive Technologies April 1, 2011 at 12:33 am

Best way to ensure you are getting a good deal and know 100% of what you are buying is to order a pre-purchase semi-truck inspection. Your making an investment decision, a PPI will help you make sure it is a good one.

Nielsen September 17, 2011 at 12:24 pm

i looking for used, a tractor truck,Freightliner Century,2005

TJ September 17, 2011 at 1:32 pm

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