Enjoying Truck Shows Throughout the Country

by TJ on March 30, 2012

Regardless of whether you have a brand-new truck or an older one there is a pride of ownership. One way to display this pride is to attend one of the many truck shows held all over the United States, throughout the year. These shows are also great for people who want to connect with companies for hauling jobs as well as, in many shows, those who are looking for drivers. In addition, it is a chance to see the latest model vehicles as well as new innovations in the trucking industry.

These shows allow you to become a participant as well as a spectator. Events include things such as the Pride & Polish truck beauty contest by Custom Rigs, truck drag races, test-driving new rigs, and other types of entertainment depending on the particular show involved.

For example, the Great American Trucking show to be held August, 2012 in Dallas, Texas, will have a wide variety of truck competitions such as:

Working Truck Division – Best of Show

Trucks with annual mileage of 75K miles, 6,250 miles per month average, or 25K with an average of 2,085 miles if used locally. The classes are:




Company owned (25+) classes


Other – Does not fit Best of Show requirements

First Show Class – First time for trucks or competitors – any year model New Truck under 50K miles

Antique – limited number of miles or no longer working, but 25 years or older


Limited Mileage

Any truck of any model year – judged on engine, interior, lights, and undercarriage.

Combo or Bobtail

Interior – Cab Only, OEM sleeper, Custom Aftermarket Sleeper or Extreme Sleeper Engine


Custom Paint, Murals, or Graphics

Wash and Show Contest

This particular show also has seminars to learn about Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, state laws, Hazardous Material Certification, and much more.

The June 9-11, 2012 Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas is part of the Midnight Trucking Radio Network’s Summertime Extravaganza. It offers free vehicle inspections and Log Book Demonstrations as well as chances to win $1,000 cash plus numerous other prizes. This show then proceeds to the Iowa 80 Truckstop located at Walcott, IA. This is the largest truckstop in the United States, built on over 200 acres.

These shows cover all types of trucks with different categories. By going on the Internet, it is possible to find them located throughout the country, which makes it convenient to participate without traveling too far. It is an opportunity to display your truck, take home trophies, inspect the latest models of all types of vehicles, and find jobs.


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