Trucking Music for the Long Haul: Truckers Tracks

by TJ on December 7, 2010

Ever since Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw did Convoy, the public have been attracted to the trucking lifestyle and enigmatic free-range trucker. The continuing popularity of Ice Road Truckers just makes the case, and CB radio would never had made it into the consciousness of mainstream America without the glamor of trucking slang being added.
Trucking lifestyle, (and should we say “culture”?) permeated every aspect of entertainment life back in the Seventies and Eighties. Simply switch the radio on and chances were you’d be bombarded with more trucking orientated radio stations which have somehow given way to the rap c$%p which dominates today.
But all is not lost!
Enter Doug Jones and Nashville-based SPEC Records, who together have been working on Truckers Tracks. Doug talks about his music and puts it like this, “It’s about stories of the highway!”
Don’t expect a superstar to be lining up to perform either, the music is about the experience of life on the highway and there is nothing more authentic than the voice of someone who lives the life. Truckers Tracks is probably unique in that the musical performances feature the talent of many who drive for a living, both men and women.
Jan McCarter is one half of J.B. Hunt, where her and her husband,Jim Hunt, are owner-operators, but for the music they go by the name Keystruckers (click the link to check out their trucking blog).
Jan is a singer-songwriter known for powerful vocals on tracks including Draggin’ My Wagon, Lot Lizard Boogies and one of our favorites, Pretty Girls Drive Big Rigs Too.
Here’s a video of the Jan singing at a concert to support HR 2156 for better parking for truckers:

While you’re in the mood, check out this track by The Levees who also feature on Truckers Tracks:

Alex Debogorski is also featured (you’ll know him as the original Ice Road Trucker), and there is some professional talent in the mix too with Johnny Neel who played keyboards with the Allman Brothers Band. You’ll also find music from Greg Crowe, Joe Durham, Bob Rea, Mike Cullison, Roger Mason and The Levees.

If you’re looking for something to put in the stocking of your favorite trucker this Christmas, knock yourself out with Truckers Tracks volumes 1,2 & 3.

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