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by TJ on April 9, 2008

E-mail was a great invention. Suddenly, instead of having to wait days for correspondence to come in the mail, or take time to talk over the phone, people could send business and personal information with the click of the button. Wouldn’t it be great if keeping track of all of our information were that easy?  

But as truckers get more and more involved in the cyber world, the number of electronic resources for truckers are skyrocketing. Websites allow truckers to shop online, find other truckers, check road conditions, and fill out applications. But some of the most helpful websites allow truckers to create their own accounts and track their own trips. By using these helpful websites, truckers can keep track of important information regarding their trips and stay connected to the world around them.  


Even when you’re not at home, this website can connect you to all your important trip information wherever there’s internet access. The site allows you to check your trip’s route and calculate mileage, while also providing an e-mail address, address book, and personalized news and weather information to help you keep in touch. The website also allows truckers to keep logs online, generate fuel tax reports, lookup stock market information, and more.


This website boasts the largest database of loads and trucks on the internet. For truckers looking to go back with a load, the site is a great resource that will save you time and money. From trucker rants to news on diesel prices, the site also offers podcasts for those who want to get informed on the go.


Offering a free demo, this is another resource for drivers who are looking for a load to haul back. Up-to-the-minute loads are advertised, and companies can post unlimited loads for free. Truckers are required to choose between two plans costing $20 and $30 per month, but can try the service as an online demo or a ten-day trial for free.


If you’re tired of searching through the thousands of websites on trucking for the topics that interest you, provides a great service to get you what you need and get you back on the road. Creating an account at allows users to be welcomed with a personalized page, which sports only the trucking news and information that the user is interested in. The site also provides free e-mail, as well as a homepage and personalized calendar, so you can stay on top of the dates that are most important to you.


Whether you’re looking for a new job or wanting to brush up on those DOT regulations, has a wealth of information for the searching. A combination of Google and CNN for truckers, this website provides a searchable database, news, and a list of websites with the most hits. What makes the resource even more convenient is the newsletter, which can be sent to your inbox, making it even easier for you to get updated on industry news.  

From completing your trucking logs to finding relevant trucking news, the process of getting connected is easier than it used to be. Not only are a variety of websites available for you to peruse, but also by creating individual accounts and signing up for newsletters, the process is both simple and personalized.

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Mary Leigh April 10, 2008 at 2:38 pm

Just thought I’d add that we have gotten great results from some of these sites getting loads. I also have to say that is a great place to keep up on any trucking news. We check it out every day!

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