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by TJ on July 16, 2009

Truck Backup Sensor

You remember from truck driving school how hard backing up can be in your semi-truck. Even if you own a medium-duty commercial vehicle, backing—especially when you are trying to emerge from unloading docks, parking spots, fuel bays, and other tight spots, can be a challenge.

Dedicated to safety, company Mobile Awareness has a solution to this dangerous aspect of driving a commercial vehicle—the wireless object detection system. With just ten screws, two wires connected to the backing lights, and a 12-volt and ground connection, you can install a state-of-the-art wireless truck backup sensor ready to keep you safe as you drive.

The display unit uses bright LED lights to display the distance of objects in four field zones, making sure that you don’t encounter any objects while backing. Designed to consider safety first, this unit is reliable. It uses waterproof sensors to be sure that signal strength is not compromised by inclement weather. And because it is so easy to install, there is little fear of having the truck backup sensors incorrectly installed. In addition, the unit clearly indicates the distance of the objects, so you won’t have to waste time checking and rechecking objects that you are already maneuvering around. Specifically designed for truckers that often have to change trailers, the system is easily transferable from trailer to trailer, leaving you no excuse to put safety first.

Although you can’t put a price on safety, you can put a price on wireless object detection systems. The price on this system, manufactured by SenseStat is only $279, a price that is much less than the cost of installing a camera backing system, but is just as safe. With this truck backup sensor system, you’ll have the quality of SenseStat and the power of a two-year warranty, making sure that your purchase is protected. If you’re not satisfied with the product’s performance you can simply use the warranty to replace the unit.

No matter what kind of truck you’re driving, it’s important to remain safe, and backing can be one of the most dangerous maneuvers you are forced to make. With this system, you’ll be sure to have reliable technology on your side.

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