The Dorsey Trailer Company

by TJ on February 2, 2011

The Dorsey Trailer Company was founded in 1911, in the small town of Elba, Alabama – Elba was so named because one of the residents of the time was reading a book on Napoleon.  Napoleon was exiled to Elba and spent his last days there, but the name was used for the home town of one of the most respected names in trailer construction in the country.

The railroad reached Elba in 1892, and the Dorsey Trailer Company was situated right at the end of the line in 1911 as America became an increasingly industrialized country. Initially, Dorsey manufactured the “highway trailers” which served on roads and railways.  Business was good, not least because there was a boom in containerization throughout the 20th Century, but the fastest growth was achieved after the end of the Second World War.

In the post-war years, containerization started to look like the intermodal transportation system we have today. Containers and systems were designed and manufactured which could see goods and raw materials moved from source, by road and rail to the embarkation port and onto waiting cargo ships which would then disembark them for onward dispatch to their final destination.  All of this without the need to unload the container until it reached its final destination.  This was a revolution in trailer manufacture and container design, and Dorsey rode the wave.

Today, the Dorsey Trailer Company is subsidiary of Pitts Enterprises (Dorsey was acquired in 2007), but it continues to operate from its base in Elba, AL though the company now occupies an 800,000 square feet facility.

Dorsey is not known for being the cheapest trailer manufacturer, but it is known for having the best quality construction and design processes and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the sector.   Dorsey trailers make up a significant chunk of the used semi trailer market, not least because of their low maintenance requirement and robust and dependable design.

The Dorsey Trailer Company offers a wide range of semi trailers including:

Reefer vans

Dry vans

Chip vans

Refuse trailers



Drop deck flats

Custom vans

Custom drop deck flats

Extendable flats and drop decks

Why choose Dorsey for your next semi trailer purchase?

Full customization available

Leading industry pricing and TCO

Industry beating lead times

Small company attitude backed by big company product range and services

Dorsey Trailer Company

1315 Hickman Avenue Elba, Alabama 36323 – Ph: 334.897.2525 – Fx: 334.897.2526

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