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5 Easy Steps to More Used Trailers Sales

by TJ on January 4, 2012

Even with the depressed economy, trucking companies and owner/operators need to purchase semitrailers to get their loads moved. More companies are purchasing used trailers because they are less expensive than new ones and every dollar counts. Trailer sellers can sell more trailers by using the internet to reach more customers. They should also make sure […]

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Trucker Job Leads

by TJ on January 12, 2011

The trucking industry is spearheading the economic recovery and in 2011, there is a forecaste demand for over 200,000 new truck drivers plus a host of support and related staff jobs.  Sales of new trucks have exceeded pre-recession levels whilst the used trailer market has returned a record breaking quarter for Q42010 – all very […]

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2010 Send Off & Welcome in 2011

by TJ on December 31, 2010

At the start of 2010, the outlook looked bleak and the economic prospects for the used trailer market were just as grim as for the rest of the economy. While 2010 has been a hard year for many businesses and workers, there have been some bright spots. Used trailer sales enjoyed some of the lowest […]

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Handling a Jackknife Event

by TJ on December 27, 2010

Jackknifing is the situation where a semi-tractor trailer folds upon itself.  Anti-jackknifing technology has been developed, however only recent year used trailers are likely to be equipped with it.  The tractor unit and trailer resemble an almost closed pocket knife, forming an acute angle with one another.  Once a unit has jackknifed, it is almost […]

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Overview of the Market for Used Trailers

by TJ on December 9, 2010

The used trailer market is estimated to be worth around $3 billion a year in sales, with approximately 400,000 units changing hands. The bulk of the used trailer market comprises platform trailers, refrigerated vans, tanker trailers and dry freight vans. With trailers having a useful working life of twenty years, but large national outfits swapping […]

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A Guide to Purchasing Used Trailers

by TJ on February 23, 2008

A Guide to Purchasing Used Trailers Purchasing used semi trailers is an affordable option to buying new.  Trailers can get very expensive for new equipment and purchasing used is a money saving alternative.  Used trailers can be found in every make and model available at a significantly lower cost.  However, there are many factors one […]

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