Spotlight on West Coast Carriers Trucking Services

by TJ on February 13, 2011

This month’s carrier spotlight is focused upon West Coast Carriers Trucking Services based in Washington State but operates throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Backed by a personal commitment to excellence, West Coast delivers more than freight and cargo – they deliver their promise of excellent service to a wide range of customers, including the U.S. military. There is also a strict equipment replacement regime which sees old equipment sold disposed onto the used semi trailer and tractor market in exchange for up-to-date inventory.

West Coast Carriers offers:

Less-than-Truckload (LTL) – West Coast Carriers has a wealth of experience in LTL which sets them apart from the competition.  This shows through in their ability to deliver cost-effective LTL solutions and their understanding of the types of equipment they hold in their inventory which will best suit customer needs.

Flatbed trailers – a large number of steel and industrial companies use West Coast Carriers with all flatbeds equipped with full 8 foot drop tarps for enhanced protection together with additional security equipment and protocols.

Refrigerated cargo carriage

Dry van trucking

Heavy haulage

Power only trucking – when you need a rig, container or trailer which needs t0 be relocated.  West Coast Carriers has hauled everything from amusement parks to heavy and specialty equipment and trailers.

Military transport and logistics – with a range of services available, including heavt haulage, West Coast Carriers is able to assist military logistics by hauling equipment from stores to heavy tanks from base to port of embarkation or return.  Services are also available in Canada.

Intermodal transportation

Trade show logistics – with a modern dry van fleet together with logistic trailers complete with blanket wrapping designed exclusively for trade show logistics, West Coast Carriers  are the #1 choice for exhibition logistics.

Customer service is headed by West Coast miracle worker, Audrey who makes sure open lines of communication are maintained with customers, including providing daily updates. Transportation co-ordination is handled by Alwin who has more than ten years experience in the international forwarding business, whilst Mandy users her twenty years of experience to find creative solutions for increasingly sophisticated customer needs. Behind this “first-name only” is the CEO, Brian who has over 22 years in the trucking and transportation industry and who founded West Coast Carriers after a career in sales and marketing with a Fortune 500 company which specialized in logistics.


West Coast Carriers

Tel: 360-876-5568

Fax: 360- 876-7143

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