Social Media Impact on Truck Drivers Topic of Mississippi Conference

by TJ on March 30, 2011

Used Semi Trailers is the major Internet portal site for buying and selling semi trailers and dealing with trucking issues.

In this post we announce the 1st Annual Truck Driver Social Media Conference to be held in Mississippi this forthcoming fall:

Social Media has made huge strides in the last two years; the most visited site in the world is Facebook, which had its inventor and company head, Mark Zuckerberg voted as Time’s Man of the Year last year. How Social Media is used by consumers and businesses is shaping our daily lives, and truck drivers are no exception.

We are now connected in so many different ways – through the Internet, through email, through social networking sites as well as more traditional communication methods, especially with the use of Smart Phones, which are now extremely powerful and make the Internet truly mobile.

With the advent of truly mobile technology, and the introduction of 4G infrastructure to power broadband hungry applications, a whole raft of business productivity applications are becoming available to everyone, no matter where they are situated within the country. is organizing the 1st Annual Truck Driver Social Media Conference, to be held in the coastal town, Tucina in Mississippi. The venue is the Gold Strike Resort and Casino and the event will be restricted to 550 attendees with a ticket price of only $89.

The event will also include over $6,000 in cash prize giveaways from a range of corporate sponsors.

Guest speakers include:

Austin Walsh – a Social Media guru who has led and advised numerous national companies and figures on their online strategies and campaigns;

James McCormack – a leading expert in employment issues and the trucking industry;

Paul Taylor – an expert in trucking legal issues;

Eddie Gichuhi – the designer and owner of Trip Sheet Central; and

Richard Wilson – an expert in trucking regulatory issues.

The Gold Strike Resort chefs will provide a breakfast and dinner buffet, all included in the conference ticket price, and several entertainers have already been booked watch out for my personal favorite, Bobby Boofay aka Jim McCarter from the Keystruckers).

You can make a reservation up until June 1st 2011, though bookings will be closed sooner if all the places are booked prior to the close-out date.  Seats are already selling fast, so you are advised to book your place immediately.

You can book a seat by using the information below:

1st Annual Truck Driver Social Media Conference Booking Information

Date: October 15th, 2011

Location: Gold Strike Resort & Casino, Tucina, Mississippi

Price: $89 per person (Closing date for reservations is June 1st, 2011 – limited to 550 seats)


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Fax:  352-465-2669


P.O. Box 2628
Dunnellon, Florida  34430

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Allen Smith June 1, 2011 at 9:49 pm

Thank you for sharing this event! Watch the video too!

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