Running as an Owner Operator or Trucking Contractor – Look at Trip Sheet Central

by TJ on December 14, 2010

We all love paperwork and keeping the accounts straight…NOT!  Eddie Gichuhi is a former trucker who earned a college degree in computer software engineering while rolling on the road over 7 years.  Eddie has combined his trucking experience with his new found computer skills and developed a book-keeping and admin package designed just for truckers.

If you are a fleet operator, owner-operator or a company driver, you already understand that keeping the paperwork in order is essential if you are to get paid what you are due and paid on time.

Eddie came up with Trip Sheet Central – an easy to use package which is available online so it is ready to use whenever you are, 24-7.

Trip Sheet Central will organize your trip sheets, keep track of income and expenses, handle shippers and receivers while producing accounting statements and more importantly, fully compliant IFTA tax advices and information.  Specifically, Trip Sheet Central is what is known as a “web-based business management suite” – in plain English, it works on the web where you access the software and can store your information either to the web or on your own computer.  The software is a complete business tool-kit to keep up to the minute track of what is happening with your business financials and trip logistics.  You save a great deal of time because you never have to worry about where you put that paperwork, and as you maintain it as you go, it automatically updates itself so you know how much money you are owed and are making, as well as helping you to control your expenses and maintain your profitability.

The software is easy to use and there is also a virtual assistant service which you can use as much or as little as you want; a virtual assistant is simply someone on the other end of the email or internet connection who can organize your books or simply provide technical support when you need it.  There is never any need to ask the question, how much did I make last month? Now you can find out how much you are making on every trip, for each day, each week, each month and each year.

Another advantage with Trip Sheet Central is that it uses Edie’s trucking experience. Rookie truckers are frequently left in the dark as to how to control their business, but Trip Sheet Central will show you all the tricks of the trade.  The software package provides the framework to run a trucking business effectively and efficiently so you spend more time doing what makes you money and less time doing stuff you hate…paperwork.

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