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by TJ on June 25, 2008

Power Inverters for Truckers

With more Americans on the go each year, companies have begun to offer more products that can be powered using a vehicle cigarette lighter. From nightlights that look like miniature lava lamps, to accessories for Ipods and cell phones, to larger ticket items like microwaves and refrigerators, travelers are able to do more and more from their vehicles.  People who are often on the road also have the option of using almost any kind of electronic in their vehicles with the power inverters now available at many specialty electronics and travel stores.

According to donrowe.com, a company that sells a selection of power inverters for all purposes, inverters change battery power, or DC power, into the kind of power used to run all of the electronics you plug in at home, or AC power. The power used to operate the devices is drawn from the vehicle battery, but by running the vehicle’s engine, that 12-volt vehicle battery can be recharged. By visiting donrowe.com, truckers can determine how long they can run their inverters on a battery without recharging, simply by imputing information into the battery calculator provided on the Frequently Asked Questions area of the site.

Truckers can make use of power inverters to run a variety of electronics, such as televisions, computers, and radios. Different types of power inverters are required for different levels of voltage, however. That’s where the Don Rowe company comes in. Not only does the company provide power inverters in different wattages and for different types of batteries, but also the site includes a helpful guide to determining what types of inverters are necessary for running different types of products. Though the company provides at least two examples of how to determine what type of inverter to buy, Don Rowe also recommends that truckers purchase inverters that are larger than needed in order to insure both that the appliance works properly when plugged into the inverter and that the inverter is not damaged.

Power inverters are great for truckers who want to power their gadgets while they’re on the road, but power adapters can be useful at home in addition to on the road. According to donrowe.com, power adapters can be used as emergency adapters for power outages at home. Because a vehicle’s battery is not connected to power lines, the adapters can be used to charge or power important devices like cell phones and laptops in the event of an emergency.

Though power adapters are an excellent invention that allows truckers to take advantage of almost any convenience on the road, whether that’s plugging in the TV or working on a portable laptop, they should be used with caution. Donrowe.com is not only a perfect place to buy your unique or common power inverter, but it also provides important safety information about using and installing inverters.

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