New Jobs in Trucking Decline Despite Improvements in the Job Market

by TJ on October 9, 2012

The national unemployment rate in the United States has come down to 7.8 percent in September which is terrible because many people have dropped out of the work force entirely which this number does not even include, there is still less jobs to be had overall which the mainstream media does not report, this number includes part-time workers which it should not, and this is why many people distrust this figure. This is the first time in almost four years when the unemployment rate has dropped below 8 percent which is pathetic and impresses only those completely ignorant on how America should recover from a recession.

The Numbers Remain Awful

The previous month’s rate was 8.1 percent, and this decline is a positive indicator for an economy that has continued to struggle to create new jobs and still does. Nothing has changed. America is combatting stagnation caused by excessive regulations. How many people are still on welfare? Unemployment? Food stamps? Far too many, the numbers are staggering as America falls further into debt.

The current statistics show that the total number of unemployed people in the country now stands at 12.1 million. This is the lowest number since January 2009 but it is still so high. It should he half that by now. 114,000 new jobs were added in September, according to the Labor Department figures. The number of jobs created in July and August had also exceeded the initial estimates of the Labor Department but it still does not make up for the people entering the work force and seeing nothing special or promising.

Employment Rate in Trucking

The situation of employment in the trucking industry does not appear to be as encouraging as for some parts of the economy, such as the IRS (which is hiring). For-hire trucking companies managed to add about 700 new jobs in the month of September on a seasonally adjusted basis. On top of it, the original August number of 1,400 jobs was reduced by 400 for trucking. Both of these figures are significantly lower than the 3,100 jobs added in July and 2,000 jobs added in June.

The overall job market has become better slowly but is still anemic and this has been the weakest recovery ever in American history (some people have said the recession has never ended). For 24 months in a row, new jobs have been added to the economy but barely enough to keep pace with the number of high school and college graduates entering the work force, military members exiting the military, and so on.

The healthcare industry led the job gains in September with an addition of 44,000 new jobs – the highest since February. Substantial job gains were also noted in the transportation and warehousing industry. Federal, state, and local governments also added more than 63,000 jobs in the months of July and August, compared to previous estimates that indicated losses. But America does not need more public employees and increasing the size of the government is not what the trucking industry needs or America. However, a number jobs added to the economy in September were part time jobs. The number of part time workers looking for full time work rose to 8.6 million, which is the highest number since February 2009.

Political Impact

The marginal decline in the rate of unemployment has come at a crucial time for Obama, who is trying to counter the negative impact of a pathetic performance in the first television debate against GOP candidate Mitt Romney who has a strong and successful business background and understands how to read a balance sheet. The September employment data may encourage some of the undecided voters to sway in favor of Obama if they do not know the overall picture. The jobs report for October will come out just four days ahead of the Election Day and it does not matter what is says, America’s economic recovery has not really been a recovery at all, regulations are still crushing jobs and will only get worse if nothing is changed, the debt picture is horrific, and America is not competing in the world like it should.

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