Lowboy Trailers

by TJ on February 15, 2008

Lowboy Semi Trailers

Lowboy trailers, also known as low bed trailers, are utilized for loading and transporting heavy equipment. The capacity for hauling starts at ten tons to 100 or even more. This is the ideal solution for hauling farm equipment, or construction machines such as tractors and excavators. They are designed to work well in field conditions for convenient loading and unloading heavy machinery and equipment.

There are many types of lowboy trailers available from leading manufacturers. The size and weight capacity needed should be determined by the specifications of the haul and what the continued use will be. They are also available in a variety of colors and custom paint jobs to suit individual preferences. Identify what field conditions will be present before deciding on the model best suited.

Fontaine makes a 46’ lowboy trailer with a capacity of 35 tons. This model includes ramps for easy loading and unloading of equipment. The same manufacturer makes a 55 ton model for heavier machinery. Lowboy trailers can be fixed neck or detachable with beaver tail or tilt bed options. Determine the conditions in which loading and unloading will occur to determine what options are best. Researching different manufacturers will allow ideal selection. Manufacturers such as Trail King, Talbert, Aspen and Liddell all make lowboy trailers.

Caution should be used whenever loading, unloading or hauling heavy equipment. Ensure the load is secure and attached correctly. Please also check local requirements for hauling and transporting as there may be permits or special licenses required. Hauling oversize merchandise generally requires a special permit.

Prices of lowboy trailers widely vary, as you can see here, depending on the specifications, year of the model and condition. However, these varieties are designed to be durable and many people find purchasing used equipment much more affordable. There are many variables in determining the type of lowboy trailer that is best. The length, well depth and weight capacity are of prime concern. Check the ground clearance to ensure it is suitable for the means of transportation and the unloading destination. Axles, wheels, brakes and tires should all be in good condition before purchasing a used lowboy.

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