Kall8 Low Cost Toll Free Calling for Truckers

by TJ on February 15, 2011

Offering a toll free number to potential customers has long been the province of the “Big” companies, but Kall8 provides an extremely low-cost service from just $2 per month!  Here at Used Semi Trailers, we’re always on the look out for a good deal for the trucking community and this is a highly recommended service you should check out for your own business – we use it.


Kall8 offers a range of toll free and dedicated number services at very low rates.


The following is a summary of the Kall8 service range:

Standard Toll Free Numbers                         866 or 877 or 888                            $2 setup $2 monthly

800 Toll Free Numbers                                  800                                                     $5 setup and $5 monthly

Repeater Numbers                                         e.g. 123-4567                                   $5 setup and $5 monthly

Local Numbers                                                Use a local code                              $5 setup and $5 monthly

Vanity                                                                e.g. 1-800-TRU-CKER                     $15 setup and $15 monthly

Premium                                                           e.g. 1-800-222-3333                       $25 setup and $25 monthly

Using a toll free number will increase your sales enquiries and also provide you with the tools to manage any marketing and advertising campaign you run. Kall8 has a unique management tool which allows you to see where you are getting calls from and in response to what particular marketing campaign.


Kall8 service features include:

Voice Mail – receive messages when you are aware with all the normal voice mail features you have come to expect from any leading telephone provider;

Fax number – use your Kall8 telephone line as a fax line too, either as a dedicated fax number or shared with voice calls;

Web Call Button – place a clickable button on your webpages to allow a customer to call you direct from the website without having to lift up a phone – makes it simple and easy for potential business customers to reach you;

Caller ID – use the KAll8 virtual calling card to show your Kall8 number as your caller id when you make calls – make calls at discounted rates too;

Conference Calling – use your Kall8 system as a conference calling systems with up to 25 people calling in to the same call; and

Call Blocking – use Kall8’s call blocking feature to stop calls being made from parts of the country you are not interested in taking business from – provides for more focused and targeted marketing, bring you business you want.

Simply click on any of the banners to take you to Kall8’s sign up site and start generating business today with a toll free number.


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