Heavy Duty Truck Tools – Truckingtools.com

by TJ on May 26, 2008

Heavy Duty Truck Tools – Truckingtools.com
The tools of the trucking trade are available all over the Internet.  From traditional stores that offer products online to specialty shops that offer trucking tools in addition to innovative products, and sometimes even novelty items, truckers have a wide variety of places to shop.  But if you’re looking for trucking tools that you can use with ease, check out truckingtools.com, a web site featuring innovative tools that help truckers perform their duties with ease. 
One of the most innovative of those tools, the Kingpin Fifth Wheel Tool, is designed to help truckers reach and remove their fifth wheel pin with ease.  Instead of crouching under the truck in an uncomfortable, potentially hazardous condition, why not use this tool as an extension of the hand?  Truckingtools.com advertises that using the tool is as easy as hooking the pin, grabbing the double handle, and pulling.  Compared to crouching under the truck in a torrential downpour and spending long, painful minutes attempting to remove the pin, the Kingpin Fifth Wheel Tool is certainly worth the $14.99. 
Like the Kingpin Fifth Wheel Tool, The Persuader allows drivers to comfortably adjust their axel weight.  The Persuader allows truckers to hook the axel pin and pull the handle, releasing the pin.  More than convenience, Truckingtools.com maintains that The Persuader is necessary for truckers to remain in their best health and in good standing with the law.  Because of the numerous amounts of tickets given to truckers who did not adjust their axel weight, and current OSHA statistics that suggest one of the largest risks in the trucking industry is sprains, truckingtools.com urges drivers to invest in their health and safety by purchasing a Persuader.  In addition, the site also offers sliding tandem stoppers designed to insure peace of mind.  
Also in stock at truckingtools.com is a cargo bar shackle dubbed The Enforcer.  The strong shackle, completed with a pad lock, is meant to secure cargo bars.  In addition to tools the website also offers trucking software, links to trucking jobs, and links to other trucking websites.
Though tools are easy to find on the Internet, truckingtools.com offers tools that not only allow truckers to perform their jobs with ease, but are also designed with the safety of the trucker in mind.  For unique tools that help make a days work go by faster, truckingtools.com is a great resource.

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