Specialized Credit Cards For Truckers

by TJ on July 17, 2008

Fuel Credit Cards

Because truckers make up a large part of the United States’ economy, owning a company that caters to truckers is a lucrative business. But most businesses that cater to the trucking industry consider only the vehicle and trucker’s physical needs on the road. Companies manufacture tools for truckers who want to make maintenance on their vehicles a little easier, seat cushions for truckers who are uncomfortable for long periods of time in the driver’s seat, and even electronics that can be plugged into a trucker’s cigarette lighter to provide entertainment or convenience.


But truckers’ lives on the road consist of more than fixing up and sitting in their trucks. Instead, truckers also live the life of the traveler. On the road for most of their days, truckers also need products and services that cater to the mobile lifestyle they need. That’s why The Multi Service Corporation was formed in 1978. Though the company’s first service was specialized credit cards for truckers, in 2008, The Multi Service Corporation provides a variety of conveniences that make it easier for a trucker to manage his or her personal and professional lives.

Credit cards still remain as one of the company’s largest services, however. With a Master Card logo, the truck card is unique in that it provides the trucker on the go with the ultimate control. Truckers can control their credit limits, keep track of transactions, and block the card with a phone call. For those who can’t get to the bank often, the Truck Card is a great resource for curbing spending and keeping track of cash flow. Because the card is so easy to block, it is perfect for the traveler who wants to have security. Truckers will not have to worry about the credit cards they may have left at the truck stop.


In addition to the credit card, the company provides a fuel card that allows drivers to save money by directing them to certain fuel stops that offer low cash prices. The card is accepted throughout the United States and Canada and allows for 24-hour customer service.


In Europe, the company has revolutionized the toll road system by providing toll services. Because truckers had to pay different rates in different currencies to the countries that they visited, paying tolls in Europe was even more frustrating than in the United States. But with the company’s toll services, truckers can now simply scan a card and the fleet is billed, in their own language, for the toll usage. Though this would not be applicable in the United States, perhaps the company will provide a system of making U.S. tolls more efficient and, like tolls paid for by the card in Europe, offered at a discount rate.


But cards are not the end of The Multi Service Company’s innovation. The company also provides driving record insurance, parts and service benefits, and more. For truckers that want to keep it simple on the open road, The Multi Service Company’s programs are one way to make the life of a traveler and trucker less hectic.

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