Fruehauf Trailers

by TJ on February 15, 2008

Fruehauf Trailers

Fruehauf Trailers was established in 1918 by August Charles Fruehauf after four years of building custom trailers for a merchant.  The company has come a long way since then and is now the leading manufacturer of trailers in New Zealand.  They stand behind their heavy transport trailers, guaranteeing the quality of the product.  This commitment to excellence has established Fruehauf Trailers as a leader I the industry.  They are known worldwide and are recognized for their quality work.

Fruehauf’s team of engineers and production workers labor diligently to provide the best quality, innovative designs possible.  Their research and development team continually looks for ways to advance technology to increase the quality and strength of the products.  The staff at Fruehauf has extensive years of experience.  The sales staff’s commitment to customer service ensures the customer gets a trailer that exceeds their expectations.

Fruehauf carries a line of new trailers that are built to their standard specifications as well as produces custom semi trailers built to the specifications of the customer.  There are over thirty five models of semi trailer available from Fruehauf.  Fruehauf even carries a line of trailer guaranteed to be ready in ten days.  Their FFF brand is guaranteed to be available to the customer, built to the customer’s specifications, in no more than ten working days. 

Fruehauf also has used semi trailers for sale like these on  They can be found in the United States and all over the world.  The quality and durability of these trailers make buying used a solid investment.  Fruehauf has a parts and service department that is built to service all Fruehauf manufactured trailers.  This will help reduce the amount of down time if there is ever a need for parts or service.

From livestock trailers and curtain side trailers to bathtub and tipper trailers, Fruehauf has a semi trailer for every need.  Their guarantee of quality lends confidence to the customer that they will get a well built piece of equipment that the company will stand behind.  Fruehauf Trailers is an increasingly popular choice in trailer for their commitment to excellence.

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