Top 5 Flatbed Trucking Companies

by TJ on March 14, 2008

Flatbed Trucking Companies

No matter what kind of work you do, who you work for makes all the difference, and the trucking industry is no exception. Though truckers get longer hours on the road and away from their bosses, who’s in charge is still a large factor in determining whether they’re smiling or groaning at the end of the day. Many factors contribute to an excellent working situation—benefits, regulations, personnel, etc. Websites like provide searchable databases, so flatbed drivers can find the job that best fits them, but before burying yourself in the research, check out these top five flatbed companies.

  1. Crete Carrier Corporation

A good reputation and detention pay after two hours is what put this company on The Trucker’s Report list of good trucking companies. But a combination of extensive benefits and a slew of on-the-job perks make working for Crete different from the rest. The company offers major medical, dental, and vision insurance, a company matching 401K plan, profit sharing, and the opportunity to choose between national, regional, and local hauls. According to, the company is debt free, so layoffs and pay reductions are less likely. And when it comes to fun on the road, Crete has few restrictions—allowing spouses and children on the road. While more and more companies are banning pets from cabs, Crete says bring Fido along!

  1. Maverick Transportation

Drivers are getting good vibes from this company, and spreading them over the internet! Chat rooms from Yahoo to The Trucker’s Report have mostly good things to say about Maverick—useful paid training, professionalism, good equipment, and respect for drivers among them. give the company an above-average rating in every category from pay to benefits to home time. According to the company website, 90% of flat bed drivers are home for weekends, and programs are available for family ride-alongs. Profit sharing, 401K, and full benefits are available, and the company offers programs both for company drivers and owner-operators. With a $500 sign-on bonus and $550 orientation pay, this company at least promises a little cash before you hit the road.

  1. Estes Express Lines-Estes Air

In Logistics Management’s list of the top 50 truck companies, Estes Express rates sixth. In fact, Estes Air, the flatbed division of the company, was responsible for the transportation of the Super Bowl stage this year! As far as working benefits, Estes offers full medical benefits, in addition to extras like college scholarship opportunities and a safe driver program. Additionally, working for a leader has its perks—a good reputation depends on what employees are saying, as well as customers.

  1. Swift Transportation

Named among America’s best large companies in 2006 by Forbes, Swift offers a variety of options for flatbed drivers, depending on many factors, such as how often drivers want to be on the road and whether or not drivers are operating as a team. With 16,000 trucks and thirty-eight terminals in twenty-seven states, the company offers a variety of opportunities, an extensive benefits package, and the best 401K in the industry, according to Another one of the few companies that allows pets in the cab, Swift requires a $500 deposit. The company offers training, and also has one of the least restrictive age policies for workers, hiring drivers at just twenty-one-years-old.

  1. Landstar Transportation

Another large, international company, Landstar was named to Forbes’ list of most admired companies, and is also on Logistics Management’s list of top 50 companies. Only hiring owner-operator flatbed drivers, Landstar is a bit more exclusive in who it recruits. According to its website, the biggest incentive to work at Landstar is the freedom for drivers to determine their own criteria. Because the drivers own the trucks, Landstar has rather loose in-cab rules, with no age restrictions on children and the option for pets to ride along. Traveling to 48 states, the company promises variety and the ability to exceed as a business partner, not employee.

Whether you’re looking for a national company or a smaller establishment, a company that promises high pay or one that allows for more time with family, the list of great flatbed trucking companies is extensive. Web search engines and chat rooms are making the process of finding the right company for the right driver easier, but by checking out the top five companies listed above, you have a better idea of the different perks offered by different companies. Who knows? Maybe you just found your dream job!

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Nick March 15, 2010 at 5:07 pm

Great article. We handle freight throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico and have been seeing a significant reduction in capacity. Due to a number of reasons. The poor economy has forced many truckers out of business, and the ones that are still in business are having difficulties keeping up their fleet. In addition, California has just implemented some new regulations which have further tightened capacity. It certainly is a tough world we are living in these days. Are you seeing a reduction in capacity in any of these large companies?



Truckin March 15, 2010 at 5:12 pm

yes it’s pretty darn slow these days Nick!

David Theisen March 23, 2010 at 3:39 pm

how do i list equipment with your site- thanks -david

humphery sherman April 11, 2011 at 6:39 pm

good day am from the bahamas am 35yrs old am a tractor trailer driver for 15yrs i pull 20ft,40ft,45ft and 48ft contianers and flatbeds i also attended national truck driving school last year were i graduated CDL course i want to move to canada to work and live but i need a company to sponsor me a woek visa if you can help me it would be most greatful. feel free to call me at 242-341-1809 or email me at

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