ProFlare Emergency Road Flares

by TJ on May 24, 2008

Pro Flare Emergency Road Flares

For most truckers, a night spent camped on the side of the road is not the best case scenario.  But today’s professional driver must be prepared for anything, including a bout of time stalled on the side of the road.  Part of being prepared for incidents like this is making sure to have a system in place that warns other drivers about your vehicle stalled on the side of the road.  Though your truck might be hard to miss during the day, night driving can fool even the best motorist.  For this reason, most truckers keep a set of flares and reflectors handy for side-of-the-road emergencies.  But with technology constantly changing the market for all goods and services, basic flares are not the trucker’s only option any longer.

The professional lighting kit, sold by Proflare, allows drivers to enjoy all the positive safety features of flares without subjecting themselves to their hazards.  Traditional flares often cause burn injuries when they are ignited, are a danger when placed in the middle of the road, and must be stored with extreme caution and kept away from all flammable materials.  Similarly, traditional road reflectors are often so dim that oncoming traffic barely has a chance to notice the lights before coming on the scene.  Proflare’s professional lighting kit solves both of these problems.
Available in the red light standard version or in the white light daytime version, the Proflare professional lighting kit includes lights that are electric and do not depend on oncoming traffic’s high and low beams to be seen.  Not only will the lights be visible even without oncoming traffic, but they are also programmable.  In fact, the lights can be set to a strobe mode, an always on mode, or a rotation mode.  With these three safety settings, truckers can be assured that the lights will warn other drivers of stalled semi-trucks no matter what the situation.

In addition to being programmable, Proflare also claims the lights can be seen through a variety of elemental conditions, such as fog, snow, and smoke.  Because they can be adjusted to sit at 45 or 95 degree angles, in addition to the magnet, suction cup, arm band, and belt clip that come with the lights, these alternatives to flares can be placed almost anywhere to increase their visibility.  And with a low battery indicator, the lights are nearly guaranteed to never run out of charge in an emergency.  Proflare also offers the lights in a variety of packages, which include single or four-pack kits.  The kits come with several tools to help make the installation and placing of the lights easier.  Retailing for about $30 for a single red light pack on, the lights are also inexpensive.  When viewed as an alternative to road flares, and used only when the battery is charged, Proflare suggest they will save truckers close to $500.

Though getting stuck on the side of the road is no trucker’s idea of fun, safety is the most important factor to think of when truckers find themselves in this situation.  By using the Proflare professional lighting kit instead of road flares, truckers can not only stay safe, but can also prevent the hazardous and annoying effects of traditional flares.

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