Rolls Rite Custom Built Trailers

by TJ on June 2, 2008

Rolls Rite Custom Built Trailers


Truckers looking to own their own trailers may have struck gold with Rolls Rite Trailers, a customized trailer company with a large web presence and a diverse selection of quality products.


By researching the topic online, semi truck owners can find pages of reasons to invest in their own trailers. Just a few of those include the ability to have their own businesses, be a greater asset to smaller companies that might not have trailers, and experience a greater degree of freedom when taking jobs. For truckers thinking about making this investment, Rolls Rite Trailers is the perfect place to start researching.


Along with full color photographs of trailer options and descriptions of the products offered, the site offers a short company history. According to the site, Rolls Rite has been in business since 1998, and specializes in producing trailers that will haul from 4.5 to 35 tons. The company contracts with dealers across the country and prides itself on producing commercial, heavy-duty trailers that are easy to operate.


Each trailer is manufactured using high quality parts and equipment, including LED Lights and Radial Tires. With a two-year warranty, high quality wooden decking, and specifics that exceed Department of Transportation Regulations, purchasing a trailer from Rolls Rite minimizes the risks associated with purchasing large pieces of commercial equipment from any dealers.


Although high quality parts like those listed above come standard on each trailer, truckers can also choose to add more features to the trailers that will customize them to the driver’s wants and needs. These customizations include a thorough and professional custom paint job that does not skimp in areas that are not commonly seen. In order to enhance both looks and functionality, truckers can choose a higher quality wood for their trailers. Customizable wood includes Purpleheart Hardwood, which is famous for its unique purple look, strength, and durability, and Angelim Pedra, a wood especially retardant to termites and fungi.


From gooseneck flatbeds to vehicle carriers, Rolls Rite carries trailers that fit almost every trucker’s needs. Several models of gooseneck flatbeds cater to truckers who want tilting beds, guardrails, or other features. In addition to the gooseneck, tilt trailers are available in a variety of designs. Tag Along trailers like the low rider and the split gate are available for those who want to make loading and unloading easier.


In addition to these classic models that have been offered for several years, the 2008 Mini Master All Purpose Tilt Utility Trailer is the web site’s newest and most featured Rolls Rite attraction. According to the site, the ultra-versatile trailer has over 100 uses. Constructed out of steel, this new trailer, small enough to be used with personal vehicles, is sturdy and durable.


In addition to their trailers, Rolls Rite also sells parts and provides service on trailers. Though buying a trailer is a big decision, Rolls Rite, with its wealth of information and selection of photos, is a great place to start looking.

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Tony Rademacher March 11, 2010 at 10:43 am

I need a trailer that I have seen before, but I can’t find it nowhere. It is a flatbed trailer where the dual tandem axles are hydraulically activated. where they move front to back. When the axles move to the front the rear of the trailer drops so a vehicle can be loaded. Then the axles are activated back to the rear position so the trailer will become operational at normal ride height. What type of trailer is this and are you able to construct a trailer like this.
It must hold at least 20 tons Min

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