Navistar is Customizing for You

by TJ on June 6, 2009

Custom Big Trucks


When you’re buying a new truck, customizing it to fit your specific needs is almost always an option. Truckers have traditionally been able to customize their vehicles’ exteriors and interiors, making changing that will impose upgrades in safety, comfort, and performance. But Navistar is taking vehicle customization one step further by allowing truckers to make requests, expanding the options available for customization on Navistar trucks.


That’s right, if you’re like Tim, “The Tool Man”, Taylor, always looking for an engine with a double helping of power, or if you’re heart is set on a certain type of breaks, then you need to think about Navistar for your next truck purchase. Recently, the company has created a Custom Engineering group, which allows truckers to add features that you wouldn’t see every day to their custom big trucks. So far, the group has heard requests and helped change the options and upgrades available on trucks. Now, truckers can order Navistar products that are fitted with air disc breaks, electronics, and better interior design.


Of course, this next step in Navistar’s customer service is just an outgrowth of its already customer-based business. Traditionally, Navistar has taken customer’s comments to the next level, forming their products around customer interviews. Navistar has made sure to include the opinion of everyone who is affected by the products they produce—including fleet owners, truckers, and technicians. Now, Navistar has simply formalized the process though the implementation of the Custom Engineering Group.


But Navistar has not only applied its unique approach in its civilian products. Instead, its work on Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected-Vehicles for the U.S. military has also been the recipients of Navistar’s ability to be inventive and extraordinary.


So if Navistar’s progressive technology and business sense is good enough for the U.S. military, it’s a great deal for most truckers. And if you’re the kind of trucker who wants things your way, check with Navistar. Who knows? Your request might be standard on the company’s next line of  custom big trucks!




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