CB Slang for the Uninitiated

by TJ on January 3, 2011

Since the days of Convoy with Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw, CB slang has ruled the airwaves.  As a young kid with a trucker father, I was hooked but it was a long time before I got a squawk box of my own.

Learning the slang is part of the fun, whether you are a trucker or not, but there is more language working its way into the trucking vernacular from overseas, notably Australia.

So, here is our overview of the CB lexicon (with some tongue in cheek too).

Bear – a law enforcement officer, also commonly used with “Smokey” – both refer to the cartoon character, Smokey Bear who comes attired with mandatory wide-brimmed hat like the forestry rangers wear.  Also has no sense of humor and unlike real bears, does not hibernate.  Probably should be called Rhino because they charge a lot (when writing tickets).

Bear Lair – a police station, also may be referred to as Bear Cave or Bear Den.

Bear in a Plain Brown Wrapper – a law enforcement officer in an unmarked police car.  You might also hear “Plain White Wrapper” or some such depending on the color of the unmarked vehicle.

Bear in the Air – an airborne Smokey – state police frequently used aircraft for enforcement purposes, and helicopters (“Fly”) are in use by virtually every county across the country.

Blue Light Special – a police officer with a stopped vehicle, more common in the South (the K-Mart Blue Light Special).

Chicken Coop – a weigh station.  If it is described as “Locked Up” or “Clean”, it means it is closed.

County Mountie – a Deputy Sherriff

Diesel Cop – State DOT officials

Disco Lights – the familiar flashing blue and red lights of police vehicles

Evel Knievel – police motorcyclist

Full Grown – a State law enforcement officer

Gum Ball Machine – the rotating mirror inside a flashing law enforcement light and a term originating from police officers themselves

Hacker – someone using CB radio without worrying about the rules, social or otherwise.

Kojak with a Kodak – a cop with a radar gun or can also refer to a speed camera itself.  Also known as “Picture Taker” or “Smokey with a Camera”.  In Australia, speed cameras are referred to as “Flash for Cash”

LEO – Law Enforcement Officer

Local Yokel – a cop with a township or city PD – also referred to as “Town Clown” or “City Kitty”

Mamma Bear – a lady LEO, also known as a “Miss Piggy”, not to be confused with Sarah Palin (Mamma Grizzly or “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”)

Smokey Report – information on where the police are at

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