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Used Semi Trailers is the major Internet portal site for buying and selling semi trailers and dealing with trucking issues. In this post we announce the 1st Annual Truck Driver Social Media Conference to be held in Mississippi this forthcoming fall: Social Media has made huge strides in the last two years; the most visited […]

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Used Semi Trailer Focuses on Reitnouer Flatbed Trailers (hit this link for Reitnouer used semi trailers) Reitnouer Inc. is one of the few trailer manufacturers which has flatbed trailers as its flagship product. Founded in 1982 by a very young, Bud Reitnouer (then only 24 years old), who brought youthful energy and unblinkered original thinking […]

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Spotlight on Henderson Trucking Company

by TJ on January 22, 2011

The Earl L. Henderson Trucking Company was started back in 1978, in the small Illinois town of Salem, some 70 miles east of St Louis, Missouri, and was incorporated into a limited company in 1981. The company grew rapidly into a fleet operating 87 tractor units and over 140 temperature controlled trailers.  Today, the company […]

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Handling a Jackknife Event

by TJ on December 27, 2010

Jackknifing is the situation where a semi-tractor trailer folds upon itself.  Anti-jackknifing technology has been developed, however only recent year used trailers are likely to be equipped with it.  The tractor unit and trailer resemble an almost closed pocket knife, forming an acute angle with one another.  Once a unit has jackknifed, it is almost […]

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Winterize Before the Snow Flies

by TJ on October 27, 2009

Winterizing a Trailer No matter what type of trailer you have, it’s important to keep it updated for the winter. Trailers that are not properly winterized are liable to receive damage and be unable to work properly. In addition, it may have a much shorter lifespan if you do not winterize.

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What to do if You Need a Flatbed Truck

by TJ on October 4, 2009

How to Buy a Flat Bed Truck Whether you’re an over-the-highway driver or a local transporter, a flatbed truck can be one of the most useful pieces of equipment that you’ve ever invested in. The types of industries that use flatbed trucks include farmers and ranchers, construction workers, and even tow truck drivers who transport […]

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Check Out Truck Writers Insurance

by TJ on October 1, 2009

Get Commercial Truck Insurance Quotes Here More than any other bill, you probably hate paying your insurance. Although you’re happy that you have it in the event of an accident, it can be frustrating to make a monthly payment for something that you’re not using at the moment. As a trucker, making that insurance payment […]

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Must Have Aluminum Products

by TJ on July 6, 2009

Merritt Aluminum Trailers and Products  If you want to buy from a company that knows the agriculture business, then Merritt Equipment is the place you should go. For over fifty years, the company has been involved in manufacturing transportation equipment for the agriculture industry, and because agriculture is an industry that requires specialized equipment and know-how, […]

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Reefer Sweeper Trailer Broom

by TJ on June 20, 2009

Semi Trailer Accessory  How much money do you spend per year cleaning out your trailer?  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for trailer cleanouts throughout the year, would you like to spend $24.95 once?  It may seem simple, but by simply buying a broom specially formulated to clean out your trailer, you can save hundreds […]

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Anything Truck Dot Com

by TJ on January 5, 2009

Aftermarket Truck Parts   Whether you’re interested in truck parts because something has gone wrong with your big rig, or you’re working on a hobby truck, AnythingTruck is true to its name. From break valves to exhaust parts to lights, mirrors, safety equipment, and chrome parts designed to shine, AnythingTruck has anything you’re looking for.   […]

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