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Trucking Jobs

The national unemployment rate in the United States has come down to 7.8 percent in September which is terrible because many people have dropped out of the work force entirely which this number does not even include, there is still less jobs to be had overall which the mainstream media does not report, this number […]

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Kenworth Trucks Starts Hiring Again

by TJ on March 4, 2011

Used Semi Trailers is the Number One online platform for buying and selling used trucking equipment including all types of semi trailers from lo-boys to specialty trailers. We put the spotlight on Kenworth Truck Company and after a three year hiring freeze, the truck manufacturer has started taking on workers again: The economy has taken […]

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Used Semi Trailers is happy to turn the spotlight on FindFreightLoads today. Find Freight Loads is one of the leading load boards in the country and has fast developed a stellar reputation for bring drivers and companies together.  Find Freight Loads does much more than simply advertize loads and work available, but also promotes drivers […]

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Trucker Job Leads

by TJ on January 12, 2011

The trucking industry is spearheading the economic recovery and in 2011, there is a forecaste demand for over 200,000 new truck drivers plus a host of support and related staff jobs.  Sales of new trucks have exceeded pre-recession levels whilst the used trailer market has returned a record breaking quarter for Q42010 – all very […]

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Advertising on the Move

by TJ on August 4, 2008

Mobile Advertising Trucks In the trucking world, owner-operators already have quite a few advantages over trucking employees. They are responsible for their own vehicles, and have the freedom of operating more like a business owner than an employee. But the soaring price of fuel has taken a toll on owner-operators, who are hit hardest by […]

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CDL Trucking Jobs and Classified Ads

by TJ on May 10, 2008

CDL Trucking Jobs and Classified Ads Under the Help Wanted section of some newspapers, a disclaimer is run along with advertisements for babysitters, landscapers, and, of course, truckers. That disclaimer usually advises job searchers that they operate at their own risk when searching the classifieds, and that some agencies advertising in the Help Wanted section […]

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 Owner Operator Jobs Across the internet, thousands of websites promise to find owner-operators great gigs if they just fill out one application, but deciding which of these sites has the best information, resources, and databases is not often as easy as locating them. But by frequenting these five job banks for owner-operators, truckers will find […]

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