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Trucker Health

Keep It Clean On The Road

by TJ on October 6, 2008

Road Bath   Although the commercial world has become much more accommodating to the lives of truckers in recent history—providing conveniences like showers and Internet access in truck stops—there are times when you won’t be able to find a shower on the road. During long stints through deserted areas like Wyoming or Arizona, you’ll probably […]

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Truck Drivers Preventing Injuries   Every job has its risks.  Even people who work at a desk all day are liable to find themselves afflicted with Carpal Tunnel syndrome; working with kids or being a stay at home mom or dad runs the risk of hair pulls and kicks during temper tantrums; and truckers are […]

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Free Guide to Eating Healthy

by TJ on April 30, 2008

Free Guide to Eating Healthy Whether you’re driving your route or just taking your family vacation, eating on the road is neither the most healthy nor the most pleasant culinary habit.  Because restaurants are too expensive and take too long, you’re left downing greasy fast food hamburgers, soggy truck stop cold cuts, or bags of […]

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