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Semitrailer Lighting Rules in a Nutshell

by TJ on February 17, 2011

Every vehicle using the roads must adhere to lighting regulations no matter what they are; being truckers and hauling large loads, plus the crossing of state lines means there are a whole raft of regulations affecting truckers and big rigs. Here are the lighting regulations in nutshell courtesy of Used Semi Trailers: General All vehicles […]

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Used Semi Trailer Servicing

by TJ on January 23, 2011

Servicing the trailer usually takes a back seat to making sure the tractor unit is well-maintained.  Partially this is because trailers are view almost as a disposable commodity – if one doesn’t work you pick up another, and for smaller owner-operators who are relying on customers to provide trailers, the need to make sure they […]

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Running a trucking operation, whether as a fleet operator or owner-operator, requires you plan for all contingencies.  Even brand new equipment gives out, and how frequently you need to arrange for repairs and overhauls will depend on a number of factors.  If you are a hard driver, are running your semi tractor trailer rig 24/7, […]

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