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Diesel Fuel

Five Bucks a Gallon Gas

by TJ on February 28, 2011

Used Semi Trailers will put the spotlight on gas prices and the rumors circulating of $5 a gallon predictions. Will we be facing $5 a gallon for gas? With the turmoil in the Middle East as pro-democracy movements seek reforms and greater equality for their people, the threat to oil production and US oil supplies […]

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Find the perfect semi trailer here

by TJ on November 22, 2009

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14th Annual OPIS Fleet Fueling Conference

by TJ on September 8, 2008

Fleet Fueling  Owner-operators who are concerned about the rising cost of fuel may be able to find an answer in Atlanta, Georgia this September. Advertised as an event that brings both long-haul private and government fleets together with other aspects of the industry, the fourteenth annual OPIS Fleet Fueling Conference will address the future of […]

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High Fuel Prices

by TJ on July 31, 2008

Why Are Fuel Prices So High? By now, you’re certainly aware of the high fuel prices that have skyrocketed at truck stops and other diesel providers everywhere. You’re probably so aware of the prices that you’re frustrated, complaining to your boss, calling your senator, or expressing your feelings on the Internet. But why are fuel […]

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Diesel Fuel Alternative Though your monthly fuel bill is probably now the bill that you’re dreading the most, some agencies are offering breaks on services and products designed to increase diesel efficiency. Even though purchasing a gallon of diesel might give you a headache, some of these services, at a discount price, will help you […]

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