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by TJ on October 29, 2008

Cameras for Trucks

Whether you’re driving on a wide, rural highway or a narrow interstate under construction, drivers of heavy-duty trucks must always be aware of their length and width. Accidents caused by semi-trucks stopping too shortly or changing lanes without first being sure that the path is clear can be devastating. In order to help truckers make more informed decisions about their choices when driving, the world of truckers’ accessories and safety have come up with a variety of products. Some of those products include alarms used when backing up and cameras that also provide security detail.

Another type of safety camera is the side-vision safety camera, one of the more important trucker safety products. Side-vision safety cameras allow truckers to have a better idea of the traffic in the lanes beside them, a feature that is especially useful when changing lanes or merging.

Marketed by ASA Electronics, one of the most impressive brands of side-vision cameras is the Super CMOS Side Vision Camera, manufactured by Voyager. The camera is installed in the front fenders of the truck. According to, these cameras “enhance visibility and safety and eliminate blind spots that surround larger vehicles.”

Although cameras of this type have been around for quite some time, ASA’s harnessing of new technologies has allowed them to produce a camera with better picture quality and excellent night vision, a benefit for truckers who often find themselves traveling down what seem to be deserted highways in the middle of the night. Truckers who often drive at night often get used to lonely or almost lonely highways can easily mistake the road for clear when another driver is, in fact, in the truckers’ path. Using a side vision camera, such as the one produced by ASA and Voyager, truckers can eliminate this risk.

The small camera allows truckers to see more than they could just use their windows and mirrors. Transmitting to an in-cab video screen, the cameras present a video-quality image that can be clearly interpreted by the driver. Also, because the cameras are “ani-blooming” the light from sunrise or sunset will not whiten the screen. The cameras allow truckers to use multiple angles to view three or four lanes on either side without loosing sight and possibly control of their trailers, according to

 For truckers who are interested in ASA and safety, the companies’ other products include back-up cameras that function much like the side-vision safety camera. Furthermore, ASA’s web site identifies a variety of statistics that show convincing evidence for truckers’ purchasing of these safety cameras.

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