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Cannabis Grow room Cultivation Trailer


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20 light Marijuana Cannabis Grow room Cultivation Trailer - condition: good size / dimensions: 10x40 We converted a 10'x40' contractor trailer into a reinforced, sealed environment, cannabis cultivation trailer. We have used if for 3 years and we harvest 16lbs+ every 8 weeks. The Trailer is set up with 2 rooms. Room 1 has 16- 1000w HPS grow lights for flowering. Room 2 has 4 1000w MH lights for vegging. You can leave separating door open and use the entire trailer for flowering if you prefer, which will give you 20, 1000w light to flower. Below are some details and photos: 20 - 1000w dimmable ballast, mixed between solistek and galaxy 7 - 16" wall mount fans 8 - 3'x6' trays 2 - 4'x8' trays IdealAir dehumidifier Sentinel room control (C02, humidity, AC) Built in floor drains Independent florescent light controls 8" ducted inline air cooled hoods Central heating and cooling throughout the trailer Completely sealed environment for C02 Built in circuit breakers All you need to do it hook it up to your truck and drive it where you want to cultivate. If you use the small room to veg and the large room to flower you can harvest 6x per year. We never pulled less than 16lbs per harvest with will give you 96lbs per year. Requires one 100am circuit to power the entire trailer. Please call or email if you are interested, Doug 408.667.9727 grow trailer, marijuana grow, grow supplies, marijuana supplies, cultivation tent, grow tent, grow room, hydro, hydro supplies, hydroponic, hydroponic supplies, hydroponic parts, fans, filters, charcoal filter, marijuana growing parts,

New or Used: Used Listing#: 436528
Doug Chloupek
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Stock#: Type: Trailers
VIN#: Category: Agriculture
Mileage: n/a    

Axle Configuration: Fixed  Color: Tan 
Composition: Composite  Condition: Average 
Length: 40'  Number Of Axles: Tandem 
Structural Damage: No  Suspension Type: Spring Ride 
Title Information: Clear Title  Trade Terms: No Trade Terms 
Width: 10'     
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