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2016 Dragon


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Apex Equipment Stock D004 **** For Up To Date Inventory Information or More Details on This Equipment Contact: Apex Equipment Office: 561-842-0101 or Toll Free: 1-877-919-0101 Visit our website: Stock#:D004 Year:0000 Make/Model:Dragon Body Type:Roll Off specs: GVWR: 40,000 Lb. Trailer Main Frame Flanges: 1/2' X 5" A514 (T-1) Trailer Main Frame Web Section: 1/4" A514 (T-1) Hoist Frame: 4' X 8' X 1/2 Structural Tubing Reeving Cylinder: 6' X 3' X 79' Interchangeable Lift Cylinder: 6' X 3' X 79' Interchangeable Turntable: Jost-Single Ball Bearing Dump Angle: Approximately 52 Degrees Landing Gear: Hydraulic Suspension: 48,000 Lb. Capacity, 8-Leaf Spring. Axles: Automatic Slack Adjusters, Cast Hub and Drum,Hub Piloted, 5 In. Rd, 71 1/2' Track, 25,000 Lb. Capacity Wheels: 8.25 X 24.5 Steel Tires: 11Rx/22.5 (Low Profile) Brakes: ABS Brake Fenders: Stainless Steel Electrical: DOT Lighting Side Rollers: 4 O.D. Greasable with SAE 660 Bronze Bushings ICC Bumper: Automatic Fold Up Ratchet Hold Downs: 2 Per Side Toolbox: 30 AluminumOPTIONS 30" Aluminum Toolbox Lengthen Truck Frame Tarper Pintle Hook, Air and Electric Connections Wet Kit Hoist Up Arm Customized Paint Minimum Recommended Truck Specifications

New or Used: New Listing#: 351855
Apex Equipment
Apex  Equipment
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Stock#: D004 Type: Trailers
VIN#: Category: Rolloff
Mileage: n/a    

All information listed is believed accurate. Pictures, specifications, prices, and all information are subject to change and correction without notice. All liability is expressly disclaimed.
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