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1997 Moex Restroom / Breakroom Trailers


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We have a 48' Portable Mobile Restroom Trailer with a Complimentary Breakroom (Curbside Unit)-$29,500. Can be used for - Mobile Consession Trailer - Mobile Camping Trailer- Mobile Restoom Units-Mobile Command Center - First Responder/Disaster Relief Unit - Oil Bunker House - Data Recovery Center - Mobile Medical Lab - Portable Job Site Trailers - Showroom Display Trailers - Film Entertainment Trailers - Hazmat Decontamination Pods.Call Bryan Today For More Info! .................................... **Specifications** -1997 Moex Trailer (Curbside) -3 Restrooms with Sink and Mirrors (1-Handicap Restroom, 1-Womens Restoom, 1-Mens Restrooms with 2 Unrinals/2Stalls) -Breakroom / Concession Area -2 Curbside Side Keyless Entry Doors -(2) Mini Refrigerator -(2) Microwaves -TV/Stereo -Climate Control Air System -Power Gear Stabilizing Hydrolic System -2 Hot Water Heaters -Water Holding Tank -Sewage Holding Tank - 6 Windows -Fire Extinguisher System -First Alert Security System -(2) 5 Tons HVAC Units -(2) Sets of OSHA Stairs (Aluminum) -Interior Room Lighting -Exterior Security Lighting -Subfloor Storage -4 Belly Boxes -1 Roll Door in rear ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mobile bathroom units, mobile kitchen trailers, mobile restroom trailers for sale, for sale, mobile shower trailers, laundry trailers, bathroom trailers, restoom trailers, portable shower trailers, army trailers, kitchen trailers, portable bathroom, portable restooms, portable kitchens, First Responder Trailer, Disaster Relief Trailer, Specialty Trailer , Emergency Response Trailers, Mobile Command Centers, Command Post Vehicles, Surveillance Trucks and Vans, Mobile Communications Vehicles, Command Units, Mobile Homeland Security units, Mobile Health Units, mobile dental clinics, mobile TV production units, mobile broadcast units, custom mobile units, Response Trailer, Technology Showroom Trailer, Double Expandable Trailer ,Expandable Trailer, Single Expandable Trailer, Classroom Trailers, Hospitality trailer, Display Trailer, Disaster Relief trailer, Training Trailer, Disaster Relief Unit, Custom Trailer, Mobile DRU, Bunk House Trailer, Bathroom and Shower Trailer, Platforms, Laboratory Trailer, Mobile Laboratory Trailer, Transportable Laboratory Trailer, Command Trailer, Control Trailer, Mobile Control Trailer, Treatment Mobile Laboratory Trailer, Trailer Sets, Equipment Trailer, Command Center Trailer, Communications Trailer, SETTS Trailer, Satellite Tracking Trailer, Antenna Trailer, Shelter Trailers, Hazmat Trailer, Trade Show Display Trailer, Incident Command Center Trailer, Spill Response Trailer, Specialty Mobile Applications, Mobile Laboratories, Mobile Classroom 53' Trailer, Mobile Classroom 48' Trailer, Cool Down Trailers, Oil Field Bunk House Trailers, Portable Job Site Trailers, Camera Trailers, 48 Foot Camera Trailers, Sound and Video Trailer, Film Trailer, Production Trailer, Travel Trailer, Expandable Trailers for Sale, Mobile Rescue Trailer, Office trailers, Mobile Cooling Stations, Education Trailers, Entertainment Trailers, Featherlite Mobile Command Center, Oil Field Trailers, Political Trailers, Government Trailers, Medical Lab Trailers, Catastrophe Response Unit, 48' Non Expanding Wall Trailer,Rig Camps, Oilfield Housing, Portable Housing, Man Camps , Disaster Housing, Drill Camps, Remote Camps, Drill Rig Camps, Mining Camps, Construction Project Camps, Cold Weather Packages, Helicopter Mobile Camps, Tool Pusher Units, oilfield housing, portable housing, man camps, disaster housing, drill camps, camps, fire pod, decon pod, decontamination pod, emergency pod, rescue pod, pod truck, hazmat equipment, high angle rescue, tunnel rescue pod, lab pod, command, restroom pod, shower pod, USAR storage,Data Recovery Center, trucking terminal, dispatch office

New or Used: Used Listing#: 250631
Semi Trailer Services
Sales Semi-Trailer Big Box
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Stock#: 48-AIR-97-CONCESSION-ATL-DV Type: Trailers
VIN#: Category: Specialty
Mileage: n/a    

Axle Configuration: Fixed  Brake Condition: All Brakes 90% or Better 
Color: White  Composition: Steel 
Condition: Average  Cross Members: 12" 
Floor Type: lenolium  King Pin Setting: 16" 
Led Lights: Yes  Length: 48' 
Number Of Axles: Tandem  Suspension Type: Air Assist 
Tire Condition: All Tires 90% or Better  Tire Size: 22.5LP 
Title Information: Clear Title  Wheels: Budd 
Width: 96"     
All information listed is believed accurate. Pictures, specifications, prices, and all information are subject to change and correction without notice. All liability is expressly disclaimed.
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