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2014 Tremcar 9200x4


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NEW 2014 BOSTON STEEL by TREMCAR 9200 Gallon 4 Compartment Aluminum Tanker Compartment Sizes F - R (3000-1100-2100-3000) DOT 406 Double Bulk Head between each Compartment 6" Bayco Openable Bottom Load Heads with Integerated Sight Glasses 4" Bayco Angled API Adaptors with Dust Caps, 4" Vapor Recovery Lines Dixon Flo Tech Checkmate 4 Compartment Overfill Protection System, Betts Manhole Covers 11R 22.5 Tires on Aluminum Buds Intraax 23,000 LBS Suspension Jost A400T Two Speed Landing Gear Hose Tray Length of Curb Side. 1 - Aluminum 40" X 28" X 30" Cabinet with 2 Vertical Hinged Doors 1 - Aluminum 32" X 28" X 30" Cabinet with 2 Vertical Hinged Doors

New or Used: New Listing#: 225860
Post Leasing and Sales
Steve Fultz
Email Seller
Stock#: 142317 Type: Trailers
VIN#: Category: Gasoline - Fuel
Mileage: n/a    

Brake Condition: New  Composition: Aluminum 
Condition: New  Inspections And Stickers: New FWHA Furnished 
Structural Damage: No  Suspension Manufacturer: Hendrickson 
Suspension Type: Air Ride  Tire Condition: New 
Tire Size: 11R22.5  Tires: All Virgin 
Title Information: Clear Title  Wheels: Aluminum Bud 
All information listed is believed accurate. Pictures, specifications, prices, and all information are subject to change and correction without notice. All liability is expressly disclaimed.
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