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2005 Home Built 4 Bloster drop in middle


42 feet 4 bloster with drop middle.

New or Used: Used Listing#: 211566
Clarence Toles
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Stock#: Type: Trailers
VIN#: Category: Log
Mileage: n/a    

Accept Trades: No  Auto Slack Adjusters: No 
Axle Configuration: Standard  Brake Condition: All Brakes 40% or Better 
Color: Dark Red  Composition: Steel 
Cross Members: 14"  Drag Bar: No 
Drum Condition: All Drums 70% or Better  Dry Weight: 9000 
Extra Light Package: No  Financing: No 
Floor Type: Log Design  Hubodometer: No 
Inspections And Stickers: No Sticker But Will Pass Inspection  King Pin Setting: 18" 
Led Lights: No  Length: 42' 
Number Of Axles: Tandem  Pintle Hook: No 
Scales: No Scales  Sliding Bolsters: No 
Spare Tire Carrier: No  Structural Damage: No 
Suspension Manufacturer: Reyco  Suspension Type: Leaf Spring 
Tire Condition: All Tires 20% or Better  Tire Size: 11R22.5 
Tires: Re-Grooved  Title Information: No Title 
Trade Terms: No Trade Terms  Wheels: Dayton 
Width: 96"     
All information listed is believed accurate. Pictures, specifications, prices, and all information are subject to change and correction without notice. All liability is expressly disclaimed.
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