It May Be Hot Today But Winter Is Coming

by TJ on August 10, 2009

12-Volt Bunk Warmers

In most of the United States right now, it’s too hot to think about needing some extra warmth at night, but winter will be here before you know it, and then you’ll be looking for something to keep you toasty in the evening. Of course, where staying really warm counts is when you are sleeping. During the day, you’re living a busy trucker’s life, driving and maintaining your truck. You don’t have time to get cold! But when you’re lying in your sleeping quarters at night, it gets chilly pretty fast.

While you can solve this problem by using electric blankets, these are often uncomfortable. If you put the blanket on top of you, you may experience being hot in some areas while cold in others, and it’s easy to toss and turn and let the blanket slip off. Under you, the blanket can easily be pushed off the bed. If you’d rather have real heat from below, spread out evenly, then you need an ElectroWarmth 12-volt bunk warmer.

Not an electric blanket, this is an electric mattress pad that offers soothing, relaxing warmth in three sizes. Because it heats from below and is specifically designed for the size of your mattress, this is the way to get that warmth that really counts when it’s time to hit the sack.

Of course, if your mattress is feeling a little lumpy, you can also opt for the easy, portable luxury mattress offered alongside the warmers in Berubes’ catalog. This mattress, designed by InnerSpace Mobile, is the perfect addition to the trucker’s on-the-go kit. It rolls into a convenient-to-carry load, but expands into a 6.5-inch thick sleeping mattress when you let it out of the sack. This mattress uses no air pump, so you don’t have to wait for it to inflate on those ultra-tired nights. In addition, you never have to worry about this mattress getting punctured on the road. Instead, you can be ready to sleep in comfort every night with this thick, comfortable luxury mattress.

And if you purchase both together, you can rest assured that you’ll rest easy on the road. In fact, your sleeping quarters might be so comfortable that you don’t want to go back to the bed in your apartment or house. Truckers who like to camp can also use both of these products on the campsite, or buy them for the camping enthusiast that you know.

So if you’re looking for comfort, check out Berube’s catalog online or in print to find these two items that are bound to make your life on the road just a little easier on the back.

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