Trucker’s Valentine’s Day – Roses and Candy or Something Else

by TJ on February 14, 2011

Life on the road is desperately hard on relationships no matter how long you’ve been together or whether you are married or not. Here at Used Semi Trailers we have been trying to come to terms with what to get for our significant others. Valentine’s Day will be spent apart for the majority of over the road truckers and their loved ones, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on showing the person you love that you care.

The sense of isolation for long haul truckers is felt just as keenly back home, and it is important for your relationship that you make that extra effort to show you care. How much you get out of someone is directly proportional to how much you give.

Most of all, the art to maintaining a strong relationship is to talk to one another a lot, but more than just talking is communication – showing you are thinking of one another.

What Do I Do on Valentine’s Day?

Good question and there is no straight answer!

It all depends on you and your better half.

Some spouses and girlfriends will lap up roses and chocolates, but then again they are not likely to be too happy if they are allergic to flowers and are on a strict diet!  Use your head and try to be original and that means knowing something about what is going on in her life.

It may seem crass to say, but do you really know what’s happening in her life or are you simply coming home and trying to catch up on rest and chores that have been piling up while you’ve been away?

Take some time to find out what is making her tick at the moment – what shows is she watching, what friends does she have, where does she like to shop, where does she hang out?

Would she appreciate you buying her tickets for that chick flick movie with the actor she likes?

How about a day off with treatments at a local health spa? How would a  jewelry box with something special in it go down? Look at buying her a session at the local nail and beauty salon?

For not much more than the cost of a bouquet of roses you can come up with something very original and special, in some cases you’ll be spending much less, but in any event the impact this will make on her is worth much more than any amount of money you are thinking of spending.

After all – it is the thought that counts, but whatever you plan or buy for her it will never act as a replacement for you.

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